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  • What are all the different plastic products you can work with?
    We have a huge variety of plastics we can work with. If you don't see the material you are looking for on this list, contact us and we can get to work. Acrylic Polycarbonate HDPE Expanded PVC ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) Types 1 and 2 PVC Pipe Grade HDPE LDPE UHMW Multiwall Polycarbonate Coroplast Styrene PETG
  • Can you fabricate my existing material for me?
    We have our own supply of materials on the floor, but we can use customer supplied materials if they bring it in. We would just need the customer to sign-off that we would not be liable for any damages/scratches to their existing material.
  • Do you offer volume discounts?
    Yes, we do! Just ask us when you submit a quote.
  • Do you sell to individuals?
    We take on all jobs, no matter how big or small! We can also sell to the end-user, just let us know!
  • How accurate is your saw and what is the cutting tolerance?
    We have both a table saw which is accurate to 0.125” and a CNC saw which is accurate to 0.001”. In order to insure maximum sheet yield we spec a +/- 1/16” linear tolerance on cut sheets. However, exact cuts are also available, please discuss any cutting needs with your sales representative.
  • Do you have color samples?
    Yes, we would be happy to mail you either a full color chain or specific sample, which are 2" x 2"
  • How are your products packaged for shipping?
    For big orders being shipped by a freight carrier, we will custom package the shipment on a pallet. This minimizes the chances of your freight being damaged. We use corner protectors on all 4 sides of the shipment, cover the material with cardboard and band it together. Each pallet will include a protective plastic sheet below all the plastic sheeting being purchased. This will eliminate any possible nail damage from the pallet. For smaller ground shipments we will package these items based on the size of the item purchased in the smallest cardboard box possible. If you require any special packaging, please notify your sales representative and they will work with you on any specifics regarding your requirements.
  • Can we set up our own shipping?
    Yes you can! A handling charge is added to the order to cover the cost of packaging. Please note packaging pricing is not included in our parts cost unless requested.
  • What is your delivery policy?
    We offer free pickup in the Houston, TX area. Otherwise, we will ship from Houston with a minimum delivery charge.
  • Can you drop ship to my customer?
    Yes, we will be happy to. We can even ship it using your packing list with none of our Plastic Fabrication Solutions, LLC labels. If you require an order to be shipped this way, please specify it to your sales representative.
  • Are there any additional hidden packaging charges?
    There are never any additional hidden charges when you place an order. If your shipment requires any additional packaging or handling charges, you will be notified at the time you place your order.
  • What is your freight policy?
    We ship nationwide! All shipments are packed with care using standard approved packaging methods. If goods are picked up at PLASTIC FABRICATION SOLUTIONS, LLC by the Buyer, the Buyer is to inspect the material at the time of sale. The buyer assumes responsibility for the goods upon signing for and receiving the goods. If goods are delivered to the Buyer by a freight carrier, the Buyer is to inspect the material upon receipt of goods. The buyer assumes responsibility for the goods upon signing for and receiving the goods as a clear delivery. If material sustains damage in transit, please obtain carriers written admission of damage before the carrier leaves the Buyers facility. If concealed damage is discovered after the carrier leaves, please contact the local carrier and request an inspection IMMEDIATELY. Once the material has been inspected, buyer will have to proceed with filing a claim. PLASTIC FABRICATION SOLUTIONS, LLC is not responsible for filing a claim for concealed damage. A. If you received damaged goods and the shipment was made under your account number, third party or collect, it is your responsibility to submit a claim and settle that claim with the carrier. PLASTIC FABRICATION SOLUTIONS, LLC does not assume any responsibility for damage incurred when shipment is made under another shipper account or number. B. If you receive damaged goods and freight was prepaid and or added to your invoices, please follow these steps to insure proper credit to you: 1. Notify PLASTIC FABRICATION SOLUTIONS, LLC immediately. DO NOT return damaged goods to PLASTIC FABRICATION SOLUTIONS, LLC without authorization. DO NOT return goods that have not been inspected by UPS or the truck PLASTIC FABRICATION SOLUTIONS, LLC will notify the carrier and start the claim for you. 2. Hold original carton and merchandise for the inspector. 3. If a replacement order is needed, please contact PLASTIC FABRICATION SOLUTIONS, LLC immediately. PLASTIC FABRICATION SOLUTIONS, LLC will not automatically re-ship a shipment until authorized by the Buyer. PLASTIC FABRICATION SOLUTIONS, LLC is willing to assist you in every possible manner, but please be aware that if you fail to follow the above procedure for prepaid shipments, your claim may not be honored by the freight carrier or PLASTIC FABRICATION SOLUTIONS, LLC. SHORTAGE: Please be sure to count the number of skids, cartons, pieces or sheets and check the packing list immediately. Secure a shortage notation if the number of items you receive is less than shown on the carrier’s freight bill.
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