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Plastic Engraving

Whether you’re aiming to promote a business, personalize an item, commemorate an achievement, or ensure serialization, engraving is a great way to make materials stand out. Identify and trace your plastic products with affordable, fast CNC engraving services from Plastic Fabrication Solutions.  

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Benefits of Plastic Engraving 


CNC engraving is a manufacturing process where a rotary cutting tool removes material from the surface of a plastic workpiece, creating custom words, shapes, or designs. The tooling is driven by computer-aided instructions, which control everything from movement to spindle speeds.  


The primary advantages of CNC plastic engraving are increased throughput and accuracy, which cuts costs. At Plastic Fabrication Solutions, we happily pass these savings to our clients. Other perks include:  

Superior Quality

Even the steadiest hand can make errors, making manual engraving less accurate. Controlled by computers, CNC engraving completes work with high precision.  


Improved Repeatability

Computer-driven controls enable CNC machining to do the same thing over and over without variation. This saves time and money.  


Excellent Flexibility

If a part isn’t engravable with CNC machines, it probably can’t be personalized. The ability to efficiently personalize almost any job is one of the reasons CNC machines are attractive.  

Plastic Fabrication Solutions is happy to help when you want custom-engraved plastic parts. By combing knowledgeable personnel with advanced CNC machining centers, we can just about fulfill any request, no matter the order size or design complexity. 

Typical items we engrave include:  

  • Signage 

  • Awards 

  • Parts Or Tools 

  • Tags 

  • Labels 

  • Names 

Your Source for Plastic Engraving Services 


At Plastic Fabrication Solutions, we strive to make the CNC engraving process easy for our customers. We take care of the materials, craft, and delivery. All you need to do is submit an engraving design.  


Don’t sweat it if you have an idea but no vetted concept. Just tell us what you want, and we’ll do our best to make it happen.  

Materials We Engrave 


We carry a variety of plastic materials specially developed for engraving and cutting in a broad spectrum of colors, thicknesses, finishes, and textures. Examples include:  

  • Acrylic 

  • Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, Or ABS 

  • Aluminum Composite Material, Or ACM 

  • Solid Sheet Polycarbonate 

  • Polyethylene Terephthalate, Or PETG 

  • High-Density Polyethylene, OR HDPE 

  • Pipe Grade High-Density Polyethylene, Or Pipe Grade HDPE 

If you don’t see the material you are looking for on this list, just let us know. We’ll go out and get it.  

Let's Work Together


At Plastic Fabrication Solutions, we don’t have work to do until you need plastics engraved. As a result, we’re ready to get started right away.  


Contact us to learn more about our plastic engraving services.  

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