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Edge Beveling & Polishing

When thermoplastic sheets are mechanically cut, they’re often left with rough edges. Leaving them as-is can be unsightly or, worse, generate nonconformances for particular applications. Ensure your part edges are softened with plastic edgework services from Plastic Fabrication Solutions.

Benefits Of Plastic Edge Finishing Services

Extremely versatile materials, plastics are found in everything from consumer products to heavy equipment. No matter the use, their appearance is essential. An assembly with imperfect plastic components may be skipped over, and manufacturers that utilize them may take a reputational hit. 


Other reasons to remove rough edges include: 


  • Improved Safety

  • Better Wear Resistance 

  • Greater Visual Appeal 

  • Seamless Mating With Other Parts


The Plastic Edgework Experts

When you need plastic parts not just manufactured quickly and affordably but also with picture-perfect edges, turn to Plastic Fabrication Solutions. We offer a comprehensive range of edge finishing services. 


  • Plastic Edge Beveling

  • Plastic Edge Forming

  • Plastic Edge Polishing

  • Plastic Edge Chamfering 

  • Plastic Edge Deburring



Beveling Or Chamfering? 

The terms chamfering and beveling are often used interchangeably. While similar, they have unique differences that may make one better for specific use-cases. 


With chamfering, the material is cut at an angle using a V-Groove or chamfering bit. Typical angles are 30 and 45 degrees. Chamfered edges are often used for stationary products, such as acrylic mirrors or tabletops.


Many tooling options are available with beveling, enabling us to provide the right edge for your project. Beveled edges are typically used for more hands-on applications, such as handles and cutting boards. Our beveling capabilities include: 


  • .125”-.500” Radius Rounded Edge On The Top Or Bottom Side

  • Oval Rounded Edges For .500” Thick – 1.50” Thick Sheets 

  • Fully Rounded Edges for .187” thick – 1.50” Thick Sheets

  • Ogee Rounded Edges 

  • Classical Round Bottom Bevel Edge 

  • Window Sill Edge Finisher/Finger Pull Edge Bevel 


The Deburring Advantage

If you’re looking to remove sharp edges, deburring may be best for your project. It’s economical, time-efficient, and effective. The most common reason for deburring is as a safety precaution. 


Your Plastic Polishing Source

When plastic sheets are cut to size, the saw blade will likely create a matte finish on the panel edges. Polishing is a great way to produce a smooth, appealing surface. Plastic Fabrication Solutions offers diamond, flame, solvent, and buff polishing methods. 


With diamond polishing, diamonds rotating at high speed are passed over the material surface to create a shiny luster. Flame polishing involves milling and passing a high-heat flame over the edges, producing a high-luster finish. Buffing and Solvent Polishing is a low-stress polishing method for the plastic sheet, but is only used for specific specialty products.


The price, material type, and intended use determine the best polishing technique. Feel free to ask your sales rep about our polishing options.


At Your Service

When you trust Plastic Fabrication Solutions with your project, the edges of your plastic parts look and function as intended. We’re dedicated to turning around quality parts on time and under budget. Even better, we strive to provide class-leading service.


Contact us to learn more about our plastic edgework services. 

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